Greer Dolby, PI

Evolutionary biology, population genomics, Earth processes, causality, complexity and statistical modeling, more

I invite students from all different intellectual and cultural backgrounds to join our research group, which I run jointly with Dr. Kenro Kusumi. Our group is committed to inclusivity and anti-racist practices. Email me if you are interested in an undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral position.


Postdocs & Graduate students


Karla Vargas

Co-advisor: Arvind Varsani

Karla is an NSF Postdoc fellow. Host-virus dynamics and viral diversity associated with wild populations of vertebrate species across the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.


Raúl Araya-Donoso


Niche evolution and adaptive genomic divergence of Baja California desert animals (Dipodomys and Sceloporus).

Sarah Baty.jpg

Sarah Baty


Integration of multi-‘omic and geologic data to understand divergence, adaptation, and plasticity in the speciation of desert brittlebush, Encelia.

Garett Maag_edited.png

Garett Maag


Using SEM to quantify multi-level controls on phenotypes and integrating earth-life data


Bri McCoy

Primary advisor: Noah Snyder-Mackler

Modeling of multi-level genomic controls on the aging phenotype across animals.


Derek Benson

Primary advisor: Dale DeNardo

Derek studies physiological genomics, specifically multi-'omic controls of drought tolerance in snakes


Nandini Manepalli.jpg

Nandini Manepalli

High School Intern

Analysis of genes under differential selection between desert tortoise lineages; functional genomics


Alexandra Cuddy

Remote Researcher

Use of structural equation modeling to quantify geological-genetic and genotype-phenotype relationships


Yash Sharma

Barrett Honors Student

Comparative genomics and gene family evolution of heat shock factors across tetrapods.


Dylan Wang

Barrett Honors Student

Evolutionary analysis of the birth, death, and duplication of SMG genes across tetrapods.


Avery Paulsen

Barrett Honors Student

Demography and evolutionary genomics of chelonians


Alex Yu

Barrett Honors Student

Comparative evolutionary genomics of the notch signaling pathway.