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Dr. Greer Dolby, PI

Evolutionary biology, population genomics, Earth processes, causality, complexity and statistical modeling, more

I invite students from all different disciplinary and cultural backgrounds to join our research group, which is committed to an inclusive and intellectually rigorous environment. Email me if you are interested in a tech, undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral position.

Postdocs & Graduate students


Karla Vargas

ASU Postdoc (co-advisor: Arvind Varsani)

Karla is an NSF Postdoc fellow. Host-virus dynamics and viral diversity associated with wild populations of vertebrate species across the Sonoran Desert.

Jade Mellor_edited.jpg

Jade Mellor

UAB PhD student

Controls on distribution of genomic traits across populations, speciation genomics and adaptation of desert tortoises; epigenetic responses to natural disasters

Austin Biddy_edited.jpg

Austin Biddy

UAB PhD Student

Hierarchical multi-'omic controls on adaptation in rattlesnakes. Geogenomics & earth-life evolution on the Baja peninsula


Raúl Araya-Donoso

ASU PhD student (co-advisor: Kenro Kusumi)  

Evolutionary potential, ecological adaptation and speciation in Uta and Anolis lizards; Earth-life evolution on the Baja peninsula

Sarah Baty.jpg

Sarah Baty

ASU PhD student (co-advisor: Kenro Kusumi) 

Multi-'omic integration and adaptive introgression in the desert brittlebush genus, Encelia; Earth-life evolution on the Baja peninsula

Garett Maag_edited.png

Garett Maag

ASU MSc. student 

Application of structural equation modeling to integrate earth-life data across river networks

Derek Benson_edited.jpg

Derek Benson

ASU PhD student (Primary advisor: Dale DeNardo)

Physiological genomics, telomere eco-physiology and transcriptional control of drought tolerance in snakes

Undergraduates - Current

Melissa Hall_edited_edited.jpg

Melissa Hall


Bioinformatics   technician

Habitat modeling and genomic-environmental associations

Avery Williams_edited.jpg

Avery Williams


Bioinformatics technician

Analysis of topologically associated domains & adaptive variants in nonmodel species


Ovoke Moss


 Lab technician

Molecular genetic analysis of immune genes in speciating desert tortoises

Avery Paulsen_edited.jpg

Avery Paulsen

ASU  Undergraduate Researcher

Demography and evolutionary genomics of chelonians

Kirstin Slaton_edited.png

Kirstin Slaton

UAB  Undergraduate Researcher

Molecular genetic analysis of immune genes in speciating desert tortoises

Undergraduates - Alumni

Nandini Manepalli.jpg

Nandini Manepalli

High School


Functional genomics, and genomic adaptation in desert tortoises

Heaven Wright_edited.png

Nandini Manepalli


Lab technician

Epigenomics & bioinformatics


Alex Yu

ASU - Barrett Honors Student

Comparative evolutionary genomics of MMP genes.


Dylan Wang

ASU - Barrett Honors Student

Comparative evolutionary genomics of mucin genes.


Yash Sharma

ASU - Barrett Honors Student

Comparative genomics and gene family evolution of heat shock factors across tetrapods.

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