Dr. Greer Dolby, PI

Evolutionary biology, population genomics, Earth processes, causality, complexity and statistical modeling, more

I invite students from all different intellectual and cultural backgrounds to join our research group, which is committed to inclusivity and anti-racist practices. Email me if you are interested in a tech, undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral position.


Postdocs & Graduate students


Karla Vargas

ASU Postdoc (co-advisor: Arvind Varsani)

Karla is an NSF Postdoc fellow. Host-virus dynamics and viral diversity associated with wild populations of vertebrate species across the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.

Jade Mellor_edited.jpg

Jade Mellor

UAB PhD student

Movement of genomic traits throughout a population, speciation genomics and adaptation of desert tortoises; epigenetic responses to natural disasters

Austin Biddy_edited.jpg

Austin Biddy

UAB PhD Student

Hierarchical multi-level 'omic controls on adaptation; geogenomics.


Raúl Araya-Donoso

ASU PhD student (co-advisor: Kenro Kusumi)  

Niche evolution and adaptive genomic divergence of Baja California desert animals (Dipodomys and Sceloporus).

Sarah Baty.jpg

Sarah Baty

ASU PhD student (co-advisor: Kenro Kusumi) 

Integration of multi-‘omic and geologic data to understand divergence, adaptation, and plasticity in the speciation of desert brittlebush, Encelia.

Garett Maag_edited.png

Garett Maag

ASU MSc. student 

Using SEM to quantify multi-level controls on phenotypes and integrating earth-life data


Derek Benson

ASU PhD student (Primary advisor: Dale DeNardo)

Derek studies physiological genomics, specifically multi-'omic controls of drought tolerance in snakes


Nandini Manepalli.jpg

Nandini Manepalli

High School Intern

Analysis of genes under differential selection between desert tortoise lineages; functional genomics

Avery Paulsen_edited.jpg

Avery Paulsen

ASU - Undergraduate Researcher

Demography and evolutionary genomics of chelonians


Alex Yu

ASU - Barrett Honors Student

Comparative evolutionary genomics of the notch signaling pathway.


Dylan Wang

ASU - Barrett Honors Student

Evolutionary analysis of the birth, death, and duplication of SMG genes across tetrapods.


Yash Sharma

ASU - Barrett Honors Student

Comparative genomics and gene family evolution of heat shock factors across tetrapods.